Atzeneta del Maestrat
Atzeneta del Maestrat
Atzeneta del Maestrat
Atzeneta del Maestrat
Atzeneta del Maestrat
Atzeneta del Maestrat
atzeneta del maestrat,


Sitting amid Aleppo pine, almond and olive trees, Atzeneta del Maestrat is a small inland village that is home to vestiges that have survived for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Over the centuries, the small village of Atzeneta del Maestrat has been inhabited by different civilisations. Step where our ancestors once trod and find yourself enveloped in the age-old history of this tranquil part of Alcalatén

What to see in Atzeneta del Maestrat

Located in inland province of Castellón, Atzeneta del Maestrat is home to one of the most important findings in the Region of Valencia. Cova de Pere Tomàs is a rock shelter in Barranc del Gorg which, in addition to providing shelter to shepherds for centuries, was also chosen by our ancient ancestors as a place to leave their mark. Here you can see a single petroglyph, a cruciform figure that looks like a human with their arms outstretched, thought to date back to the Bronze Age. Try to get your head around just how old it is. 

Cova dels Aragonesos is another sight you won’t want to miss. You can reach this cave along a hiking trail that will lead you through spectacular scenery. El Castell is another wonderful landscape you won’t want to miss. The area is populated by a fortification and a chapel, which are the focus of two pilgrimages held each year. And if all that weren’t enough, there is also an Iberian settlement whose remains are known as Ermita de San Juan. 

Atzeneta del Maestrat’s historic centre is also well worth taking a look around to get some beautiful photos of its picturesque streets. Don’t miss Vila Closa, the most historic part of the town which is surrounded by Verdunc gorge, La Font gorge and Rambla de Atzeneta. Here you will also find Torre de la Prisión, which used to be a palace and now houses the council building. You should also make time to see plaza de la Divina Pastora with its steps that lead down to the gorge. 

Tasting the local gastronomy should also make an appearance on your to-visit list for Atzeneta del Maestrat. If you’re visiting in the Christmas period, taste the fruit of the almond production in the locally made turrones (nougat) and mazapanes (marzipan). The village is also renowned for its delicious lamb dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this pretty little village and experience everything it has to offer. 

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