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Benicarló is one of those cities that welcomes you and makes you feel right at home. When you’re there, you feel like you’re immediately part of its culture and people. This city is pleasant in every way! It has a mild climate all year long and a variety of beautiful landscapes (everything from the mountains and the interior to the sea). Sounds good, right? Let’s discover it.

Things to do in Benicarló

Start your tour of Benicarló in its Old Town, where you will see the mainstays of the city: Calle Major and Calle Sant Joan. In the Middle Ages, both offered access to Benicarló, and today, they are affectionately called “Els quatre cantons” because this was where visitors could once see all four entrance gates to the city. Other examples of the destination’s cultural and historical wealth include: the town hall, Antigua Prisión or Casa del Marqués.

 After getting to know the most monumental part of Benicarló, visit the coast and get to know its beaches. Caracola Beach, Gurugú Beach and Morrongo Beach are three urban beaches known for the quality of their services and their multitude of activities. Whether you’re there because you want to practice water sports or because you want to relax and take in the tranquility, this destination is for you.

 Two iconic natural beaches are Fondalet Beach and Mar Xica Beach, both of which are stunning. Want to go to the beach with your pet? Try Aiguadoliva Beach or Barranquet Beach.

 After this tour of Benicarló, you’ll need to celebrate everything you’ve seen with some local food and drink. Try traditional Benicarló dishes, like those made with artichokes or other products from the land or sea. This is a great place to experience a new destination through your tastebuds.


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The exceptional weather conditions of the Region of Valéncia make it an ideal place for the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.
The Region of Valencia has been inhabited for thousands of years. Proof of this is the population vestiges found in the last decades and that show how the life of the first known inhabitants of the region in the Paleolithic era and later. Skeletons, paintings found in caves, stone walls, and some remains show us the life and customs of past inhabitants.
The Valencian gastronomy stands out for dishes full of fresh and natural ingredients with exceptional quality. They take our palate to a higher level while taking care of our health with typical preparations of the Mediterranean diet.
When you visit the Region of Valencia, besides discovering fabulous historical monuments in towns and cities or enjoying beaches and mountains in nature, you can also enjoy an immense variety of original plans such as visiting theme parks.


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