Multimedia Gallery

A museum where you can see the remains of the Iberian settlement of Puig de la Nau in addition to temporary exhibits.
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Tuesday to Friday from 9 to 14 h. | 17-20 h .

Saturdays 10-13 h . | 17-20 h .

Sundays 10.30 | 13.30 h .

Closed Monday

If you are staying in Benicarló and interested in finding out more about local history, make sure you set some time aside to visit Museo de Benicarló, which is affectionately called MUCBE.

The museum is housed in a former Franciscan convent which has been renovated to hold the diverse collections. The main focus of the museum are the archaeological objects (including the necropolis) found at Puig de la Nau, an Iberian settlement. There are also pieces from the other prehistoric sites discovered in the county.

Museo de Benicarló also hosts temporary and moving exhibits. Housed across the three floors of its exhibition space, these displays shine the spotlight on painting, sculpture and photography. A must-visit is the room dedicated to Fernando Peiró, an artist whose work is defined by incessant curiosity and a need to innovate.

Beyond its museum, Benicarló offers all sorts of different ways to spend your time. From the dreamy beaches and the fascinating culture to the stunning architecture and the delicious cuisine, this seaside town will soon win your heart.