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This seaside town is bursting with beaches, landscapes, history and events. How will you choose to spend your time here?

For locals from the province of Castellón, Benicasim is synonymous with the summer. For everyone else, Benicasim is known for its incredible beaches, sparkling villas and long nights set to the beat of the greatest music. Join us for an exploration of this great town. 

For decades, Benicasim has been a favourite summer holiday destination for people from València city. As it has evolved, the town has been careful to cherish its heritage and preserve the glamour of yesteryear, while still looking towards the future.

What to do in Benicasim

Making a to-visit list for your time in Benicasim is no easy task as there are all sorts of things to see and do. Before you make your choice, you first need to know what’s on offer. Located close to the city of Castelló de la Plana, this seaside destination boasts great weather, historic heritage, beautiful landscapes and extensive experience in hosting small and large-scale events. 

Benicasim’s beaches are full of life. Along the coastline, you can spot ancient watchtowers and marvel at elegant 20th century villas, such as at Playa de Voramar. The town is dedicated to making its beaches accessible to absolutely everybody, particularly Heliópolis and Almadrava beaches. 

But Benicasim offers more than a dreamy coastline. Ruta de las Villas, for instance, is a signposted walk that will take you on an exploration of the luxurious residences in the town. The information panels will tell you all about the illustrious figures that have stepped foot here over the years, attending the most decadent of parties

The historic centre of Benicasim is bursting with charm so make sure you take the time for a leisurely stroll. The town comes to life, particularly, on the dates of traditional festivals and festivities. If you can, see if you can make your trip coincide with Festividad de San Antonio Abad y Santa Águeda

Just a couple of kilometres outside the town is Castillo de Montornés, a tower that is part of a 10th century defence system constructed by the Muslims on the site of Roman remains. This fortress sits in an area that is also well worth a visit: Desert de les Palmes natural park. This mountainscape flanks the coastline, straddling a number of surrounding municipalities, and offers countless trails that are a pleasure to walk and cycle. 

Many of these trails will lead you to the gate of a beautiful historic building. Museo e Iglesia de los Padres Carmelitas is connected to the monastery of the same name. Here you can gaze at an impressive 18th century ceramic altarpiece made in L’Alcora and many other artistic masterpieces. As well as discover how the friars distilled a traditional spirit known as Licor Carmelitano. 

If you’re looking for more walking and cycling options, Vía Verde de Benicasim a Oropesa del Mar is it. This disused railway line used to connect the towns of Benicasim and Oropesa del Mar and is now an excellent 6km route that will take you alongside the sea. You will be taken aback by stunning vistas over the coves, beaches and cliffs as well as the history of sites such as the metal bridge, watchtowers and much more

Dining is another experience to add to your list of things to do in Benicasim. The rice and fish dishes served here are absolutely extraordinary. And if you visit in the winter months, you can warm up with comforting stews such as olla and sepia estofada. 

And last but by no means least, there are the international festivals that have put Benicasim on the map. For a number of years, the destination has been hosting incredible music events which have seen performances from the biggest groups from around the world. Diverse line-ups featuring legendary acts with concerts that have gone down in history. 

By now, you’re sure to be wondering how to get to Benicasim for your upcoming visit. Well, it couldn’t be easier: just take the A7 motorway from the north or south, or hop on a train or bus. We can’t wait to see you soon. 


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