• Castelló de la Plana, Almassora, Benicàssim/Benicasim, Orpesa/Oropesa del Mar, Torreblanca, Borriol, Sant Joan de Moró, Cabanes, Vall d'Alba, Vilafamés, Les Coves de Vinromà, La Pobla Tornesa, Benlloc, Sierra Engarcerán, Vilanova d'Alcolea, La Torre d'en Doménec
Come and explore a county in the province of Castellón where you are sure to find something to do, however you enjoy spending your time. La Plana Alta has great scenery, incredible destinations and countless experiences for you to enjoy.


Located in the province of Castellón, La Plana Alta is a county with plenty of surprises up its sleeves. With destinations for lovers of hiking, natural areas, gastronomy, historic towns and even rock art, this is a part of the Region of Valencia that will win your heart. Come with us to unearth its secrets. Keep reading to the end to discover a great city. 

What to do in La Plana Alta: natural scenery

There are countless trails that will take you through the incredible landscapes in the province of Castellón and La Plana Alta in particular. Immerse yourself in the peaceful scenery of El Desert de les Palmes Natural Park, a landscape that the Carmelite monks called a ‘desert’ as it was a place where they would retreat. You can now visit the Padres Carmelitas Museum and Church, which houses pieces of great value. While you’re in the area, make sure you try the famous Carmelite liquor.

El Prat de Cabanes – Torreblanca Natural Park is another natural treasure of La Plana Alta, which is home to many endemic species. It’s a great place to take a walk in search of watchtowers and do some birding.

What to do in La Plana Alta: beaches and coves

In La Plana Alta, the Mediterranean Sea has shaped the coastline into beautiful coves and beaches. We’d recommend exploring the beaches in Benicasim, a town that is synonymous with great music festivals and elegant Art Nouveau villas which you can explore on a walking tour. 

From Benicasim, you can cycle or walk to Oropesa del Mar along the Greenway. When you get there, you can enjoy water sports and soak up the beauty of idyllic coves. Another coastal destination is Torreblanca, which has exceptional beaches, as do Almassora and Cabanes. In Almassora, you’ll be taken aback by the scenery surrounding the mouth of the river Mijares while in Cabanes you can take dips in the sea, visit a Roman Arch and explore castles.

Destinations in La Plana Alta: inland charm

La Plana Alta is an ideal destination for doing some rural tourism, exploring charming nooks and crannies and being taken aback by an historic surprise or two. First off, we’d recommend heading to Benlloc where you can treat your palate to delicious nougat and roam landscapes dotted with cisterns and Iberian remains. 

Borriol has a lovely historic centre as well as rock art, which you can also see in Les Coves de Vinromà and Sierra Engarcerán. In La Pobla Tornesa and La Torre d’en Doménec, you won’t be short on hiking trails snaking through beautiful landscapes, which also abound in Vall d’Alba

Pobla Tornesa, La Torre d'en Doménec, Vilanova d'Alcolea and Sant Joan de Moró are all destinations where you can soak up the country atmosphere, discover local artisanship and walk trails. And then, of course, there is Vilafamés, which has been listed one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. A treasure chest from start to finish, here you will find a castle, beautiful streets with houses nuzzled into the mountain, a contemporary art museum with priceless pieces and even a shelter with rock art. 

And last but by no means least, you simply have to explore Castelló de la Plana, a city that will win your heart with its lively beaches, a market that is bursting with gastronomic delights and all sorts of buildings and monuments that are calling out to be explored. Visit La Plana Alta and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience.