Located in Baix Maestrat, Canet lo Roig is a small village where you can gaze at millennial olive trees, visit historic sites and roam the landscapes.

Canet lo Roig may be a small village, but it has plenty to explore. From historic sites to beautiful landscapes and even millennial olive trees, this rural destination is waiting for you and your friends and family to come and discover all its wonders. 

What to see in Canet lo Roig

A good place to start your explorations of Canet lo Roig is in the historic centre. Start wandering the streets and before too long you’ll come across all sorts of sights such as the old Medieval prison and Palau dels Capellans, a chapel built in 1518. San Miguel Arcángel church is perhaps the most visible monument. Dominating the skyline, the church was constructed all the way back in 1288 in the late Romanesque style; the Gothic and Renaissance elements you can see were added later. 

Next, venture outside the village to visit Santa Isabel chapel and a great waterwheel, known as Sénia de Marimón, which was used to irrigate the local land. 

There are also a number of millennial olive trees located around Canet lo Roig. These veteran species have witnessed the passing of many centuries and still bear fruit that is used to produce high quality olive oil

Canet lo Roig also has a large number of springs that are well worth a visit. Fuente de Vilagrós is protected by a barrel vault structure and has inscriptions dating all the way back to Roman times. Fuente del Canal (also known as Font de la Vila) comprises a wash house and trough covered with a roof. Fuente de la Fontanella was originally used for agriculture and cattle farming while Font de la Roca conserves archaeological remains dating back to Iberian and Roman times which are thought to be the origins of the present-day village. 

The municipality also organises a number of festivals, including an olive oil festival and a music festival. If you’re craving something a little quieter, there’s plenty of nature to explore. As you walk the trails criss-crossing the landscapes you might just be lucky enough to spot Iberian ibex, which like to spend time by the river Cérvol, wild boar, badgers and genets. In terms of plants, you will be enveloped in junipers, oaks and all sorts of herbs that are typically found in the Mediterranean. In Canet lo Roig you can spend your time however you please. Start planning your getaway today. ​​​​​​​


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