Wander the streets of a village where the stone façades speak of history and tradition. Discover everything Catí has to offer.

Located in the province of Castellón, Catí is one of those villages where you will pleasantly while away the hours getting lost in the narrow streets of the historic centre which, somehow, have become even more beautiful over the years. 

What to see in Catí

Wherever you look in Catí’s historic centre you will see elegant manor houses with Gothic windows, such as Los Miralles, Delme, Los Monserrats and La Plaza. Catí parish church is also well worth a visit as inside you can see an altar dedicated to saint Lorenzo and saint Pedro de Verona that once belonged to King Alfonso V.  

Another must-visit is the market. Built in the mid-15th century, the space has borne witness to civil life in the village over the years, serving as a market, jail and wheat store. It is currently a cultural centre. Flaunting the Valencian Gothic style, the market still has its original wooden ceilings and stone flooring. 

If you fancy venturing a little bit further afield, don’t miss La Mare de Deu l’Avellà chapel and its spectacular frescoes. A great destination for a walk, the place of worship is immersed in a landscape defined by mineral-rich waters bubbling up from a spring. If you love hiking, you’ll be pleased to know that Catí is home to some stunning trails, such as those leading to the rivers Molinell and Montlleó. 

Beyond its artistry and scenery, Catí is also renowned for its gastronomy, in particular cheese. During your time in the village, why not stop and visit the quesería to learn how to make the wheels that have won prestigious international awards. 

And last but by no means least, we simply have to mention the Pilgrimage from Catí to Sant Pere de Castellfort, the first reference to which is from the year 1321. Catí is a wonderful destination where you can dive into the culture and traditions of the province of Castellón. Make sure you come for a visit soon.

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While getting lost in the villages of Castellón is always a great idea, embarking on your exploration in autumn and winter promises to be an unforgettable experience. Find out more about the province and discover the destination for your next adventure.

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