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Catí is home to a number of historic heritage sites, including this extravagantly decorated chapel.

L'Avellà is a special part of L'Alt Maestrat county. Located just 5km from Catí, it perches 960m above sea level. To reach the area, you will pass through a tunnel and continue amid the mountains, affording views over millennial holm oak forests, until you reach a popular chapel.

La Mare de Déu de l'Avellà chapel in Catí is renowned for its extravagant decoration. The interior walls are covered with the frescoes - now restored - created in the 18th century by the artist Pasqual Mespletera from Sant Mateu. A part of the chapel has paintings by Francesc Blasco. We encourage you to take a close look at the art, enjoying every detail of this spectacular artistic masterpiece.

The chapel has a white, sober façade and an entrance with a half-circle arch. It was built in the 18th century, replacing the previous chapel from the 16th century. The structure is part of La Mare de Déu de l'Avellà Sanctuary and Spa, comprising the chapel, the hermit’s house, and L'Avellà Fountain, which has abundant water. The area has drawn in tourists, generating bustling trade for the hospitality and accommodation sectors.

Wondering what to see in Catí? Make your way to L'Avellà and and you’ll discover a magical part of L'Alt Maestrat where you simply have to visit the chapel. What are you waiting for?