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Travelling is the perfect excuse to disconnect from the everyday, to reconnect with yourself and, of course, have lots of fun. And there’s no better way to reach this state than a combination of the beach, nature, culture, history and gastronomy. Fortunately, the Region of Valencia offers all sorts of destinations where you can be swept away by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Chilches is one such place. 

Sitting halfway between Castelló de la Plana and València, Chilches is an extraordinary destination defined by its fusion of the sea, nature, delicious dishes, legends and the many things there are to do there. And all this, blessed by wonderful weather 365 days a year. Chilches is a wonderful place to make unforgettable memories with your family, friends or loved one. 

What to do in Chilches

The beaches in Chilches are a slice of paradise on the Mediterranean where you can spend your time however you like. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you can try your hand at sports such as beach volleyball, beach football and paddle surf. But if you’re after a quieter way of life, you can enjoy the serenity of the waters as you stroll along the shore, listening to the sound of the waves hitting the sand. Pure bliss. 

You also won’t want to miss the experience of strolling the streets of Chilches. The beautiful gardens of plaza del Santísimo Cristo de la Junquera and plaza España await, where you can see the town council, La Asunción church and the stunning fountain Fuente de la Unión. From here, you can continue your walk along calle Arbelló and plaza Alfonso XIII where you can see beautiful buildings and discover the culture of the village.  

Chilches is also home to rich ecosystems, and nowhere more so than the marjalería. This protected marshland is a favourite spot among migratory birds during the winter months while the flooding in the spring and summer creates “natural mirrors”, a phenomenon you won’t want to miss. The hiking trails Sendero Azul and Poliola-Miranda-Contesa are also a wonderful way to be at one with nature. 

And to conclude your time in Chilches, why not discover the aromas of the gastronomy? Combining the land of the huerta with the tastes of the sea, local delicious dishes include arroz “a banda” (a rice dish with seafood), arròs amb fesols i naps (a rice fish with beans and turnip), all i pebre and rabbit with tomato. For dessert, you can enjoy locally grown melons and pastries filled with sweet potato

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