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El Toro, in Castellón, is a place to go in search of breathtaking landscapes, quiet rural settings and streets brimming with charm. Discover it!

El Toro, in Alto Palancia, is a town with loads of charm in the Castellón interior, where the Palancia River rises, creating a beautiful, well-conserved landscape that is one of its main attractions. Come and discover it!

What to See in El Toro

In El Toro, rural and nature tourism and the routes and trails are incredibly attractive, so get your boots, rucksack and water bottle ready! It is located on a high plateau, and two mountain ranges, El Toro and Javalambre ranges, embrace it, giving this landscape a very special profile. 

Walking along the countless trails that start out from El Toro is a huge pleasure. They can take you places such as Pozo Junco, or the small village of Molinar, which has perfect freshwater pools that create a very special landscape. This place, seemingly anchored in the past, is the perfect destination for an excursion where you will be able to take magnificent photos.

In the town centre, don't miss the churches of Santa María and Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, or the San Roque hermitage. And, of course, a visit to the castle is always a must. The Castle of El Toro, in the upper part of the town on a "cerrito" (little hill), houses the ruins of a church from the 3rd century and is a castle of the mountain type, intended to defend the town centre. You are sure to enjoy incredible views from up there!

In the surrounding area, you can find old ice houses, designed to preserve snow for longer, such as the Nevera Honda, Nevera Alta and Nevera Cerrito, and you can include in your route a stop at the Spanish Civil War trenches, next to which you can find the remains of an old airfield and even air-raid shelters. 

Another of El Toro’s fabulous attractions is its cuisine, along with the Truffle Fair, as this delicious fungus is a local product. You'll surely be seduced into trying more than one recipe with its unmistakable aroma! Thanks to this special product, one of the town’s most typical dishes, olla trufada (truffled pot), is a delicacy not to be missed. So start planning your getaway!


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