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Located in the Alto Mijares county in the province of Castellón, Fanzara is a municipality that dates back to Arab times. Surrounded by mountains and sitting on the banks of the river Mijares, the village is an idyll where you can escape your routine and reconnect with nature. It is also a well-known destination for urban art and you will see artwork wherever you look. 

What to do in Fanzara

The best way to explore Fanzara is at a leisurely pace. With the foundation of the Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano (the Unfinished Museum of Street Art), the small village has become somewhat of a mecca in the world of  urban art. Whichever way you turn - on the façades of the houses, in the squares and any other surface you can imagine - you will see work by artists from all over the world. A village that has certainly achieved its aim of showcasing this genre of art

Opening over six years ago, MIAU displays large-scale graffiti pieces by internationally renowned artists. There are over 160 pieces of work for you to gaze and marvel at during your time in the village. 

Artists from all over the world have travelled to Fanzara to leave their mark. Spanish artists Alberto Montes and Doa Ocampo, Uruguayan collective Colectivo Licuado, the Chilean artist Mono González and the British artist Anna Willow are just some of many. And then there are all the works that are yet to be created for Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano. Come along to see the constantly evolving façades. 

But art is not all there is to enjoy in Fanzara: the naturescape is also absolutely stunning. Close to the village there are a number of different hiking routes that will take you up into the surrounding mountains. Along the way, you will discover sights of wonder, such as the ruins of Fanzara castle and Cueva de la Muela, which is an awe-inspiring cave that was created over many years as the limestone eroded. And if you get a bit hot during your walk and want to freshen up, you can take an invigorating dip in the crystalline waters of the river.

The inland of the province of Castellón is home to incredible destinations such as Fanzara. Visit the village once and you’ll find yourself coming back time and time again. 


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Street Art or urban art has become, by its own merits, a cultural claiming phenomenon of artistic expression that seduces more and more people of all ages. The Comunitat Valenciana is a good example since each year it manages to attract a large number of artists to the different festivals of an ephemeral discipline exhibited in walls, garages, or road dividers of some localities.
In the province of Castellón, you can enjoy quality wines comparable to those of any designation of origin. Protected under a seal of quality and grouped by the IGP Protected Geographical Indication "Vins de les Terres de Castelló," you will find fifty different wines produced in Castellón.
In València, we can find a wide variety of routes to get to know the city, museums, parks, monuments, etc. A different way of doing it, is through urban art or street art that in the Carmen neighbourhood has flourished filling the streets with murals. In particular, there is a street that street art lovers should not miss, Calle Moret or Calle de los Colores, located between Calle Roteros and Calle Blanquerías.
Did you know that there are two municipalities in Castellón where art emerges from the walls?