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Sitting on the foothills of the mountains, Gaibiel is defined by striking landscapes and verdant woodland.

Situated close to Sierra de Espadán natural park, Gaibiel is a pretty little village in the county of El Alto Palencia with plenty to see and do. Get your mountain boots out of the wardrobe and head to this part of the province of Castellón. It’ll win your heart from the moment you arrive.

What to see in Gaibiel

The first thing that will capture your attention in Gaibiel is the impressive castle. A Site of Cultural Interest, Castillo de Gaibiel dates back to the Almohad period when it was constructed on top of the remains of an Iberian settlement. Centuries later it would be used during the Spanish Civil War and you can still see some trenches from the period today. Close to the castle is a watchtower. Other points of interest in the village include an 18th century Baroque-style church dedicated to San Pedro Apóstol and San Blas, a small Gothic chapel from the same period. You’ll also want to see the wash house on Calle Trinidad, Arco de la Peña and the Rocha-Pilares aqueduct that connects Gaibiel and Jérica. 

On your ramblings through the municipality you will come across countless fountains, ponds, waterwheels and farmhouses; structures that have shaped the landscape and enhanced its beauty. Make sure you wear comfortable footwear and enjoy walking through the wilderness and listening to the sounds of mother nature. 

Gaibiel has some truly spectacular landscapes. The river Regajo flows through the area, slowing down at certain points to form pools where you can spend the hot summer days cooling off in the icy waters. There are also all sorts of trails - of various levels of difficulty - that will immerse you in the natural world. So what are you waiting for? Make Gaibiel your next destination.


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