Perched on a hilltop in inland Castellón, this imposing castle has been the scene of many battles.

Sitting on Iberian remains, Castillo de Gaibiel has defined the village’s skyline for many centuries. Built during the Almohad period, the castle was later extended in the 14th, 16th and 19th centuries. Over its lifetime, it has played an important role in many conflicts thanks to its strategic position.

The castle is also the site of trenches from the Spanish Civil War and the aforementioned Iberian remains.

Perched on top of a gorge, the 350m2 enceinte evolved over the years with the construction of different rooms and structures, namely chapels, ice houses, cisterns, patios and more.

Castillo de Gaibiel has curtain walls, circular towers and a keep. The gate, located on the eastern side, leads to a space where defence items were stored.

Located in the province of Castellón, Gaibiel is a great destination if you love castles, history and the great outdoors. The surrounding scenery, with its olive and almond groves, lends itself to beautiful hikes as does the river Regajo. Alto Palancia is a wonderful county that is just waiting to be explored. Why not start your getaway in Gaibiel? You’ll fall in love with the castle, streets and landscapes.