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Located in the Alto Palancia, Jérica is one of those charming towns that just grabs you. From the moment you set foot in it, you feel like you're part of its people and its traditions. Jérica is a town full of life and beauty that all can enjoy. Discover it with us! 

You can see the history of Jérica in its architecture and on its streets, and its Old Town has even been recognized as a “Bien de Interés Cultural” (BIC) (an Asset of Cultural Interest). It’s surrounded by a rocky landscape that has become an almost inaccessible precipice that acts as a natural wall for the upper part of the destination’s castle.

What to see in Jérica

Without a doubt, Torre Mudéjar de las Campanas is the most iconic site in the municipality. It is the only Mudejar-style tower in the Region of Valencia, and sits on a mountain high above Jérica, seeming to dominate from above.

When you visit Jérica, you have to get lost in its charming streets. Here, no two streets are the same. Wherever you go, you’ll find a mix of streets that are either narrow, steep, colorful, made of stone, filled with flowers or some combination of all of the above. We know you’ll fall in love from the very first step you take.

What to do in Jérica

Every great trip has an adventure. In this case, it can be a family adventure, one that follows the Palancia River. We encourage you to discover the riverside Vuelta de la Hoz, a naturally-beautiful destination tucked between Peña Tajada and Cuevas de los Herreros. Follow the river and take in the incredible landscapes of the Alto Palancia as a family, where you can see and feel its beauty and tranquility firsthand. 

We invite you to immerse yourself in Jérica, a gem of the Region of Valencia.

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