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Sot de Ferrer is a charming medieval village with plenty to see. Get ready to be swept away by this exploration of the town’s heritage and history.

Sot de Ferrer, in the county of El Alto Palancia, in the province of Castellón, is a place full of history and beauty. We recommend wandering around and seeing all its landmarks and iconic sites in person. Are you up for it?

What to do in Sot de Ferrer

When you first arrive in Sot de Ferrer, we’d recommend heading to the lovely centre of the village, which sits on the banks of the river Palancia and is traversed by a beautiful 18th century bridge. Here you can start your tour around the town, visiting its many monuments along the way. If you like exploring culture and history while on holiday, this is the spot for you.

Start at El Señor Castle-Palace, first built in the 13th century but with further parts added in the 14th and 15th centuries. To this day, the family coat of arms is still visible on the front of the building.

We then recommend you visit La Inmaculada Concepción Parish Church. Completed in the 18 century, this lofty place of worship has a Neoclassical style and is the home of two great works of art, true gems for Sot de Ferrer. One painting of the Immaculate Virgin is believed to be by Vicente Masip or his son Juan de Juanes, and the altarpiece of San Miguel from the 14th century is one of the few examples of Florentine Italo-gothic in the Region of Valencia.

From El Calvario walk up the striking white zigzag path that is carved into Sot de Ferrer’s landscape to San Antonio Chapel at the top. The 17th century chapel is a great place to enjoy the views of the town and surroundings. It’s a worthwhile walk although uphill. Other must-visits in the destination are the wash houses. Highlights include La Luz Wash House

And the old outdoor oven found at Plaza la Constitución. Come and visit Sot de Ferrer.


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