Discover a great nature and rural tourism destination in the province of Castellón that will steal your heart forever. Read on for more details and get your walking boots at the ready.

Located in Alto Palancia county in inland province of Castellón, Teresa is a great destination if you are keen to stroll among fountains and enjoy lovely hiking trails. Keep reading to discover what you can get up to during your time here.

What to do in Teresa

As you explore the historic centre of Teresa, you will find yourself bumping into fountains and wash houses. The higher part of the village is defined by peaceful streets. Irrigation channels run through parts of the centre, making the calming sound of running water the soundtrack to your explorations.

Stop off to take a look at the 15th century church dedicated to Virgen de la Esperanza and soak up the atmosphere at Plaza del Ayuntamiento. And that’s not all. You will notice that there are old porches that give the streets a unique charm. 

Outside the centre, there is a list of landscapes for you to visit so make sure you bring comfortable shoes. A good place to start is Mina del Barranco del Arco recreational area where you can have fun with your family, take a look at an unusual rock formation and see the remains of old plaster kilns. The Balsa y el Torrejón area is also interesting with its stone bridge that you are sure to want to photograph. 

If you are looking for a place to take a dip in the inland, Paraje del Batán recreational area is a great spot. You can swim in the waters of the river Palancia and in the summer months there is a bar to make sure you have everything you need.

You will love strolling amid the old irrigation channels and fountains that will give you an understanding of the importance of water in Teresa. Indeed, Suelta del Agua, which takes place for San Isidro, is an event in which the water is allowed to run through the streets before it ends up in the river. So how about it? Don’t miss the perfect destination for a rural getaway full of new landscapes.


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