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Get to know this leafy haven in the province of Castellón surrounded by mountains. Start planning a much-needed getaway for some downtime and return home feeling brand new.


​​​​​​​Located in the county of El Alto Palancia in Castellón, Torás is an inland gem that boasts idyllic hiking trails, stunning nature and a pretty historic centre. Find out what you can do here.

What to see in Torás

To kick off our tour of Torás, let’s have a look at the traditional historic centre and wander around its narrow winding streets. Head to Pasillo street to admire the pretty wash house full of flower pots, or historic El Horno Street. See if you can spot the ornate ceramic tile that depicts a Station of the Crosses that no longer exists.

You’ll also come across an outdoor auditorium and old winery where grape-stomping took place. The Church square is next on our tour for a peek inside 18th-century Santa Quiteria Parish Church and a look at its charming stone façade. The centre of Torás is easily accessible, so you won’t have any trouble getting there.

Now it’s time to head out of the urban centre in search of hiking trails through the Castellón countryside. The Torás surroundings are dotted with old farmhouses, ravines, chapel ruins and historic trenches. Go for a walk to the old train station or the topaz blue Camarillas reservoir, accessible on foot along easy footpaths. The natural scenery around Torás is so picturesque, you’ve got to get stuck in while in the area. For keen cyclists, the longest Greenway, Vía Verde de Ojos Negros, crosses through Torás, so there’s no excuse not to visit!

The historic heritage of Torás is intrinsically linked with the Spanish Civil War. The XYZ Line, a famous fortification system, runs right through the area, as well as through many other towns, lining the historic defence line with bunkers, trenches and parapets. Immerse yourself in the heritage, history and nature that Torás has to offer. 

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