Perching on the high lands of Els Ports county in the province of Castellón, Vallibona is a pretty village that emanates Medieval charm. Narrow and labyrinthian streets hint to the municipality’s Muslim origin, leading you deep into a world of wonder. 

What to see in Vallibona

The meaning of Vallibona can be interpreted in two ways. It is commonly believed to mean “good valley” due to its beautiful location, but it can also be understood to mean “valley of the tarns”. Tarns are small mountain lakes originating from glaciers; Vallibona sits close to various pools and ponds, as well as the banks of the river Cérvol.

The village’s historic centre will capture your interest from the moment you arrive. As you wander around, you will come across a structure that stands out from the rest: the Mudejar bell tower. This construction is one of the three defence towers that used to guard the village.

The council building is of architectural interest. In Medieval times, the basement was the village jail and you can still see the locks to the three cells today. The space has been renovated and is currently home to Museo del Carbón (Charcoal Museum). The production of charcoal has, more recently, been a key part of the Vallibona economy. 

Vallibona is also home to a number of places of worship. Well worth a visit are: Site of Cultural Interest La Asunción church, which has a Baroque interior; Santa Águeda chapel, located in the mountains and flaunting the Romanesque style; and Santo Domingo chapel. Hidden in the streets is the church porch, which is a sort of tunnel connecting the two entrances to the place of worship with a wooden roof. 

The wilderness enveloping Vallibona is of outstanding beauty. Situated on the outskirts of Tinença de Benifassà natural park, the village is the starting point to a number of hiking routes that will lead you deep into the scenery. And that’s not all. Microrreserva Cresta de Turmell is located between Vallibona and Xert, a landscape populated with craggy rocks, limestone formations, black pine forests and oak woodland. 

Vallibona’s historic charm has survived to this day, spiriting you back to Medieval times as soon as you step foot in the village. Come for a visit to soak it all up.

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