The cuisine is as diverse as the scenery in the Region of Valencia. Treat your palate to a wide range of foodie experiences and get to know our destination bite by bite.

The gastronomic experiences on offer in the Region of Valencia will take you on a delicious exploration of all four corners of the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante. Whether you fancy indulging in some cuisine or sipping on some wine - or perhaps both - this form of travel will lead you to small villages, great cities, spectacular landscapes and everything in between.

Keep reading to discover the unforgettable experience of tasting a product in the place it was made.

Dining in the province of Castellón

The province of Castellón boasts Protected Geographical Indication wines and exquisite olive oils made with endemic olive varieties. There are also destinations famed for their fine artichokes and langoustine where you can enjoy incredible experiences that shine the spotlight on these products, such as tapas tours and more.

The traditional cookery book for Castellón includes seafood arrocitos, ollas (stews) and sweet treats made with pumpkin, sweet potato and citrus fruits. The oranges that pepper the landscape find their way onto the dining table. And then there’s the acclaimed black truffle, a gastronomic delight found in Alt Maestrat that adds an exclusive touch to all sorts of dishes.

Gastronomic tourism in the province of Valencia

No gastronomic getaway to the Region of Valencia is complete without finding someone who can teach you how to make an authentic paella. To make the renowned rice dish, you need not only the finest products but also to follow the rituals around the dish. While you’re in the province of Valencia, you must make time to try horchata, a refreshing drink made with designation of origin tiger nuts. The beverage is closely connected to the huerta, the agricultural land enveloping València city.

In the inland of the province, you can sample fine olive oils and great wines, such as Utiel-Requena designation of origin bottles that are known for their strong character and unforgettable notes. You should also keep an eye out for a fun and informal tapas tour.

Gastronomy in the province of Alicante

Eating out in Alicante promises to be an unforgettable experience with incredible ingredients such as fish, rice, spices - like the saffron used to flavour rice dishes - and artisanal products such as ñora peppers. With places such as Mercado Central offering the freshest produce, Alicante has, over recent years, seen an evolution in its cuisine. The province is also populated with some incredible wineries where you can discover the landscapes that create muscatel and fondillón.

The Region of Valencia offers a diverse array of gastronomic experiences that will take your palate on an exquisite foodie journey. The perfect excuse for a getaway.