Advice for the Magdalena festivities

In order to see the Cavalcada del Pregó and the children’s Pregó, the traditional parades, and the International Animation Parade, you can rent chairs along their assigned paths for a modest fee.

At midday or in the late afternoon, you would do well to visit the Mesón del Vino y Mesón de la Tapa y la Cerveza, a traditional meeting place for locals during the festivities.

On Sunday, you can participate in the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Magdalena; to do so, don’t forget to get a scroll and a reed with a green ribbon at the Town Hall. You can also spend the day in the natural landscape that surrounds the hermitage and enjoy a large paella, but remember, don’t take your car: there are buses and trains that can take you there.

You should put on comfortable shoes to move around and see all the events, as the centre is closed to traffic during these days.

At night, the places for meeting up and having fun are the collas, places opened by groups of friends for the festivities. You can mingle in some of them with the locals during the festivities. Of course, there will be no lack of nighttime celebrations.

Be careful not to go to near the mascletàs (noisy firecracker displays that set the rhythm of festivities), as not only will you suffer from the deafening noise, but you will also be covered in coloured bits of paper from the exploding firecrackers. Go upwind to avoid the smoke and paper.

And, if the noise of the firecrackers is too much for you, open your mouth and do not cover your ears, as it only makes things worse, and make sure you are always beyond the designated safety perimeters.