Magdalena: festivities in the street

The Magdalena is lived in the street. These festivities include some of the most representative elements of Mediterranean culture: fireworks, music, dancing, games and celebrations that mark the beginning of Springtime in Castellón de la Plana. The main characters in these events are the Queen of the festivities and the Ladies, who receive homages such as the Galanía (a reception attended by the local authorities and that ends with a ball) prior to the festivities, as well as the gaiateres and the gaiaters (people in charge of the Gaiates or small lit carriages).

Different festivals of music and dancing, concerts, theatre, street performances and parades are some of the events that provide interest to a visit to the city during the festivities. On the last Sunday of the festivities, on the main square, the call of Magdalena Vítol by the Queen of the festivities puts an end to the celebrations after lighting a string of firecrackers that goes through the entire city centre.