Programme of the Magdalena festivities

The morning of the third Saturday of Lent is the time when the festivities of the Magdalena, which have been declared to be of International Touristic Interest, begin in Castellón de la Plana. These celebrations commemorate the voyage carried out by the locals as they moved from the rocky mountains to the fertile farmlands on La Plana (the plain).

During these days, displays of music and popular folklore take place, as well as multicoloured mascletás(noisy firecracker displays that set the rhythm of festivities), bullfighting displays, pyrotechnic shows and, of course, concerts. Furthermore, there are musical performances by renowned artists during the nights of the festivities of the Magdalena.

However, the locals of Castellón live one of the most emotional moments during the offering of flowers to the Virgen del Lledó, in which the venerated image is decorated with a beautiful floral tapestry. On the night of the second sunday of Magdalena, the festivities come to an end with the traditional Magdalena Vítol: millions of people answer the cry of the Queens of the Magdalena.