The fish and seafood of our rich Mediterranean are perfect for the most demanding palates. Basics of our gastronomy that fill with flavour and soul any dish of our seafood recipes. Get ready to discover the authentic taste of the sea!

Tunas, sardines, haddocks, red mullets, soles, monk fishes, groupers, dogfishes, bleaks, cuttlefishes, redfishes, mackerels, “melvas”, wreckfishes, rays, gilthead breams, forkbeards, “lechas”, “clòtxinas” (local mussels), “tellines” (local Bivalve shellfish), mantis prawns, prawns ... are the ingredients for the varied cuisine of the Region of Valencia. Delicious recipes and specialities to taste in coastal restaurants.

Fried, grilled, baked or in tasty and delicious stews, seafood paellas, rice dishes, “fideuà” (noodle dish cooked in a paella pan)... Culinary proposals that you will love! 

Take advantage of your visit to the Region of Valencia for the best flavours of the sea. You will want to come back a thousand times more!