Enjoy the Mediterranean with these activities in Oropesa del Mar

Activities and plans
Discover all the water sports you can enjoy in Oropesa del Mar and get ready to dive into the Mediterranean.


Oropesa del Mar is a beautiful seaside destination sitting on the Costa Azahar. The town’s 12km of coastline and beaches are an irresistible invitation to dive into the sparkling Mediterranean. And there are plenty of activities to choose from that will get you out enjoying the sea. 

Activities in Oropesa del Mar


The underwater world is waiting to be explored. Grab your goggles and snorkel and spend hours with your head in the water gawping at the colourful fish and other sea life populating the Oropesa del Mar coastline. 


Oropesa del Mar is home to diving centres whose experiences will submerge you in the depths of the Mediterranean. Sink down into the clear waters to discover what lies beneath the surface. You’ll be blown away by the creatures that you’ll see. 

Boat excursions

If you’re looking for a more leisurely way to enjoy the Mediterranean, we recommend hopping on a boat or catamaran and taking an excursion along the coast. You will see sights such as Oropesa lighthouse, Punta de la Colomera cliffs, Torre de la Corda and endless sun-kissed beaches. 

Sailing school

If you don’t learn how to sail, you won’t have the opportunity to glide through the waters on a sailing boat. Accompanied by your instructor at all times, you will have an incredible time with your friends and family at sea in Oropesa del Mar. 

Kayaking and paddle boarding

Enjoy the waters at a leisurely pace with a kayaking experience. There are many companies offering classes and excursions for all levels, whether you’re just starting out or looking to perfect your technique. Alternatively, you could try out paddle boarding, a sport that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Make your way through the waters and enjoy the relaxing sound of the paddle splashing in the Mediterranean. 


If you consider yourself something of an adrenaline junkie, kitesurfing is the sport for you. Capture the wind in your kite and harness it to fly over the sea. Experienced kitesurfers will enjoy trying out all sorts of jumps and tricks with a great view over the coast. 

Jet skis

If you love speed, the thrill of racing through the Oropesa del Mar waters is an experience you’ll never forget. Climb onto a jet ski to fly over the waves with the wind in your hair. Your adrenaline will soar. 

If you love getting out and enjoying the sea, there’s no better way than with water sports pros by your side. Take your beach holiday in Oropesa del Mar up a notch.