Discover how to make arroz a banda

The Region of Valencia is renowned for its great rice dishes. Click play to discover the ingredients and how to make them in our vlog.

Arroz a banda is a great exponent of our gastronomy, a Mediterranean recipe that combines produce grown in the land, like ñora pepper, with the flavours of fish and seafood sourced from our fish markets.

Today we are going to show you how to cook arroz a banda like a pro. Chef Carles López from Al Grano restaurant is taking over Mediterranean in Action to accompany you on a culinary journey. 

While the method is simple, the key to making a great arroz a banda is choosing high quality, Valencian ingredients. First, write your shopping list: olive oil, fresh cuttlefish and squid, ñora peppers, fish stock, parsley and garlic paste, paprika, saffron and salt. And rice, of course.

The fish stock is positively bursting with the nuances of rockfish and squilla mantis, while the sofrito of the heads of prawns give an extra flavour boost. Follow this recipe, and you can’t go wrong. The choice of the marisma rice is crucial as the variety will make sure all the flavours will be absorbed into the rice grains, creating an exceptional arroz a banda

First the ñora peppers are fried, followed by the cuttlefish and squid, the onion and the garlic and parsley paste. The aromas emanating from the dish will make your mouth water. The next step in this arroz a banda recipe is to lightly fry good quality paprika, tomato and prawn heads.

You then leave it all to reduce and add the fish stock, allowing it to boil before adding the rice. And as a finishing touch, stir in an aromatic saffron infusion. The secret is to get the cooking time just right so that your arroz a banda has socarrat, a caramelisation that makes the rice stick to the pan. 

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