Aras de los Olmos

Aras de los Olmos

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Aras de los Olmos lies in the La Serranía area, 99 kilometres along the CV-35 B-road from the capital city of Valencia. The nearby hamlet of Losilla nestles at the foot of the Sierra del Javalambre mountains.

Aras is to be found in the heart of the Alto Turia region at a culturally important point, due to the convergence of three cultures - Valencian, Aragonese and Castilian, as it borders on the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel.

It sprawls over 75 km2 of rugged terrain. The River Turia crosses the municipality from west to east, playing an important role in defining the landscape.


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When we are planning our holidays, we often think of monuments or cities created by man or beaches where we can relax and, frequently, we are ignoring something that is omnipresent in the human life, something that hides many wonders and surprises: the night sky.
In the Region of Valencia, we have diverse and beautiful flora. The best time of year to see it in all its splendour is the spring when taking advantage of the pleasant temperatures; we can take hiking routes to observe the different species of each area.
The mountain range of València offers natural wealth and beautiful landscapes such as Serranía del Turia or as it is commonly known: Los Serranos
The Serranía de Turia, commonly known as La Serranía, is considered one of the most beautiful in the Region of Valencia for hiking. It is also famous for its natural spas.


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