Explore the mountains with Aitana Aventures

From rock climbing to hiking and more, adventure awaits in the Sierra de Aitana mountainscape. Come and explore this spectacular part of the province of Alicante.


Aitana Aventures knows Sella - and the whole of the Sierra de Aitana mountainscape - like the back of its hand. The adventure company invites you to come and roam the peaks and valleys of scenery that is bursting with culture and heritage. 

The area is truly unique. Here you will see dry stone buildings and structures wherever you look. The construction technique speaks of traditions and professions that date back centuries. The local cuisine and hospitality, which you can enjoy in your down time, is also superb. 

If you want to learn how to rock climb or improve your climbing techniques, Aitana Aventures is just the company you’re looking for. The professional climbing guides are well acquainted with the rockfaces in the area; some local routes were even opened up thanks to their work. There are taster sessions available if you’re a newbie and not sure whether you want to sign up to a full course - yet. 

Another option is a five-day hiking experience that will take you on a thorough exploration of the Sierra de Aitana mountainscape. You will spend the whole day walking to your next destination where you will lay your head. Aitana Aventures will take care of both your accommodation and meals so all you have to worry about is enjoying the magnificent vistas over the spectacular scenery. 

Combining expertise, preparation and safety, Aitana Aventures has got everything you need to live an adventure in the great outdoors. Come and explore the wonders of Sella. 

Aitana Aventures

Sella’s landscape is defined by dry stone. Whichever way you look, you will see structures and buildings constructed using the technique. In the village, historic streets and plazas exude tranquillity, enhanced by the sound of water trickling from the fountains. Come for a visit today.

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