Experience traditional huerta life at Alquería Planta i Cull

The agricultural land around València is a place where country traditions are still very much alive. Come to Alquería Planta i Cull to discover agricultural customs that are defined by a respect for the land.


Located in Alboraya, Alquería Planta i Cull is a farmhouse that runs activities that are rooted in the agricultural land and that emanate a respect for the environment. Just a stone’s throw from València city, this is the ideal place to feel at one with nature and discover a rural way of life. 

The owners of Alquería Planta i Cull are committed to creating fun and educational activities that shine the spotlight on traditional arable farming and the plants that end up on our dinner tables. Especially designed for children, the experiences involve discovering how to sow seeds and look after the crops, learning about the composition of soil and taking a look at the tools used to work the land. 

For adults, Alquería Planta i Cull offers a number of exhibition rooms. Here you will discover the local irrigation system, namely the network of acequias or canals and the Tribunal de las Aguas, the water court. You will also delve into the world of Valencia Designation of Origin chufa, tiger nuts, which are used to make the delicious drink of horchata.  

The building of Alquería Planta i Cull is an interesting place to visit in and of itself. The traditional farmhouse has cambras, a loft space that was once used to dry tobacco and tiger nuts. Once you’ve finished your activity or visit, you will be pleased to know that you can sit down to taste regional dishes made with locally sourced produce. 

Come to Alquería Planta i Cull and fall in love with València’s huerta, its customs and landscapes. A place where you can really live traditions. 

Alquería Planta i Cull

  • Partida de Saboya 48 (46120) Alboraya, Valencia
  • +34 686 16 66 58
  • +34 659 56 33 03
  • info@plantaicull.com

Sitting close to València city, Alboraya is a small town where the traditions of the huerta are still very much alive. Home to Designation of Origin horchata and the prettiest of vistas, this is a place where you can watch the farmers at work in a landscape caressed by the gentle Mediterranean breeze.

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