Arrels Alcoy fuses tradition and the avant garde

If you enjoy dining out and savouring delicious dishes, Arrels is the restaurant you’re looking for.


Gastronomy is a way of exploring different cultures, different pasts and different traditions. And it is often, if not always, the best part of a holiday. If you love discovering the place you are visiting through your palate, the flavours of the Region of Valencia won’t disappoint. With produce from the sea, mountains and land, our gastronomy will take you on a unique culinary experience you will be talking about for years to come. 

Restaurants are the gateway into the gastronomic legacy of each of the villages, towns and cities in the Region of Valencia. And Arrels is no exception, immersing you in the traditions of the town of Alcoy.  

The restaurant, however, takes local tradition and blends it with the avant garde. Every dish and menu is designed to showcase the best of the Mediterranean with the added surprise of something unexpected. 

Arrels has thus earned itself a reputation for exquisite cuisine, not only in Alcoy, but throughout the province of Alicante. Here you will feel at home as you tuck into tasty dishes such dumplings, tomato salad with bonito drizzled in extraordinary olive oil, roast tenderloin and arroz en llanda, a traditional rice dish made with local vegetables and meat balls. 

And then, of course, there is dessert. Recipes that date back generations have been inventively revisited to give them an original twist. The result? A feast that even the most demanding palates will devour. 

To elevate your meal even further, you can choose a bottle of local or Spanish wine from the extensive wine list. So what are you waiting for? Invite your family, friends or loved one and enjoy an incredible dining experience at Arrels. 

Restaurante Arrels

Alcoy is nestled among four natural landscapes, namely La Font Roja natural park, Serra de Mariola and Els Plans and La Serrata parks. This beautiful setting, combined with a rich heritage, make the town - known as the town of the bridges - a must-visit during your time in the Region of Valencia.

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