Point your nose to the stars and wonder at the sparkling spectacle of the night sky in Culla.


Beyond the sun, sea and sand of its coastline, the Region of Valencia boasts a spectacularly beautiful inland area, defined by incredible mountainscapes, emerald rivers and bountiful culture. Here, you can expect the unexpected with experiences that beguile and intrigue. And what epitomises all this and more than stargazing

Astromaestrat will immerse you and your kids in the world of astronomy. Located close to the village of Culla, in the natural area of San Cristóbal, the observatory also offers one of the most extraordinary viewing points in the county of Maestrat, affording outstanding vistas over the Region of Valencia. 

At Astromaestrat, you will be accompanied by your very own guide, an astrophysicist who will show you how to use the telescope to look deep into our universe and marvel at the scintillating stars populating our skies. 

Sitting at over 1,000 metres altitude and with very low light pollution, Astromaestrat has become an incredible place to observe the night sky. An observatory where all the family - no matter how young or old - will be taken aback by the magic of the stars. 

Once you’ve finished gazing at the night sky, you can visit another of the treasures in Maestrat. Culla is one of the most beautiful villages in the Region of Valencia, characterised by its charming streets and its stunning natural surroundings. Each and every part of the village breathes the different civilisations that have lived here, and the importance of its history and culture

So come to Culla and visit Astromaestrat to immerse yourself in the marvels of the starry night sky in Valencia. 


Culla is a small inland village located in the county of Alt Maestrat in the province of Castellón. The village is known for its Medieval past, imposing castle and its narrow and steep streets. The perfect place to soak up nature, breathe in the mountain and live the charm of inland Region of Valencia.

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