Explore Castelló de la Plana’s history, culture and gastronomy with this guided tour company by your side.


Bambando Turisme i Experiències is a guided tour company that will introduce you to sights and experiences that other visitors might miss in Castelló de la Plana. Accompanied by your official guide, you will walk around the city, discovering its fascinating history and culture as well as its gastronomy defined by delicious local products such as olive oils, truffles, craft beers, cheese and more. 

Bambando Turisme i Experiències offers a wide range of tours that focus on different areas and parts of the city. You could, for instance, set out on an exploration of Museo de Bellas Artes where you can see not only fine art but also an exhibition dedicated to archaeology and ethnology. Alternatively, you could discover the artistry in the city on a tour that will take you to different monuments and sculptures. And if you're travelling with children, you could head to Castell Vell or join two very special pirates to explore the city’s coastal park and beaches. 

The guided tour company also specialises in gastronomic experiences. Bambando Turisme i Experiències will take you to some of the best foodie places in the city or treat you to a tasting session featuring locally sourced products. You could also choose a tapas tour which is a fun way to get to know a new city. Or you could take the opportunity to meet the producers that make the products while exploring new places and landscapes.

Bambando Turisme i Experiències are official guides and therefore specialise in providing fun and informative experiences about Castelló de la Plana and the province of Castellón. Their enthusiasm for the area is infectious! So what are you waiting for? Book your guided tour with these professionals today. 

Bambando Turisme i Experiències

With its coastal district - El Grao - Castelló de la Plana is a city that is inextricable from the Mediterranean. In the centre you can explore sights such as Mercado Central and sample some of the many local products. Come for a visit soon.

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