Come and meet Toni Montoliu and spend time at his traditional country house to live an authentic experience of rural life just outside València city.

Meliana is a small coastal municipality located in l’Horta Nord county. An agricultural community where age-old traditions and customs are still very much alive. The Barraca Toni Montoliu is a traditional country dwelling, defined by its white walls and steep gable roof, which you can come and explore to immerse yourself in the traditional country lifestyle. 

The barraca provides an insight into what life is like in Valencia’s huerta (agricultural land). With Toni Montoliu, you will be immersed in this rural idyll located just steps from the city, have the opportunity to savour the best specialities made from produce grown in the region and even take a horse and carriage ride, the traditional way of getting around the huerta. A truly authentic experience of l’Horta Nord. 

So who is Toni Montoliu? He is a farmer who loves the local land, traditions and customs who opens the doors of his barraca so you can discover all the delights of his world. 

The Barraca Toni Montoliu prepares traditional dishes made with produce exclusively sourced from the Valencian huerta. The star dish is rabbit and chicken paella cooked over a wood fire (with wood from orange trees), as tradition dictates. The paella couldn’t be more authentic as Toni uses only the freshest, highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. The recipes he prepares evolve with the seasons and the produce available. 
As Toni likes to say, Valencia’s huerta is the great garden of Europe. So come along to Meliana and discover the rural community’s traditions, customs and history.

Barraca Toni Montoliu


Meliana is a place where you can experience the traditions, customs and landscapes of the Region of Valencia. Just a stone’s throw from València city, the huerta evolves with the seasons, making you feel a deep connection with nature and the passing of time. Head to the village to fall in love with its rural charm. 

barraca toni montoliu