Hand harvested vines, age-old techniques, fine wines. Bodega Aranleón captures the artistry of traditional winemaking.

La Plana de Utiel-Requena is well-known for its wines, sausages and age-old traditions that are still very much alive. Nowhere is this more true than at Bodega Aranleón, a winery located in Venta del Moro, a small municipality sitting on the banks of the river Cabriel. 

Bodega Aranleón dates back to the year 2000, when the owners purchased a winery built in 1927. They immediately set to work tending the vines and producing wine. The winery is currently open to visits so you can soak up the culture of winemaking and, of course, savour some delicious vintages. 

At Bodega Aranleón, the grapes are hand harvested to maintain the depth and flavour of the vines in the finished product. The grapes are then moved to the winery’s original fermentation vats where the temperatures are kept constant to guarantee good maceration. 

When it comes to maturation, the bodega defines itself as a “gravity flow winery”. If you are interested in finding out exactly what that means, in addition to all the other stages in the process of making these unique wines, you simply have to visit the winery for yourself. 

Bodega Aranleón is committed to offering quality, personalised and friendly experiences at the winery. They want visitors to feel the passion they have for winemaking and learn about the process. You will therefore visit the different parts of the winery and discover each and every technique involved in production. The experience is then completed with a candle-lit tasting session of the organic wines, paired with local specialities. 

Bodega Aranleón also caters to families. It is the only winery in the Region of Valencia to offer a play area for kids that will keep them happy as you enjoy your time exploring the world of wine. 

Bodega Aranleón offers unique experiences where you can really taste the history and culture of winemaking. A truly unforgettable day out.

La Bodega Aranleón

Venta del Moro is located in the county of La Plana de Utiel-Requena. The municipality is composed of seven different hamlets and villages, namely Jaraguas, Los Marcos, Las Monjas, Casas de Moya, Casas del Rey and Casas de Pradas. A rural area defined by the beautiful countryside flanking the banks of the river Cabriel.

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