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Venta del Moro
Venta del Moro
Venta del Moro
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Nestling in the county of La Plana de Utiel-Requena is Venta del Moro, a destination that counts no fewer than seven different districts: Jaraguas, Los Marcos, Las Monjas, Casas de Moya, Casas del Rey and Casas de Pradas. The area is defined by its stunning natural scenery that is traversed by the river Cabriel. 

What to see in Venta del Moro

A good place to start your exploration in Venta del Moro is in the village itself. Here you will come across a number of interesting buildings, including Virgen de Loreto church. Constructed in 1760, this place of worship will immerse you in the history and traditions of the municipality. 

One of the municipality’s greatest claims to fame is its archaeological site that will transport you back to the dawn of time. Discovered in the early 1970s, the site is bursting with cultural and historic heritage, including fossils of mammals and plants dating to the Late Miocene, a mind-boggling 7 million years ago. Certainly one to put on your to-visit list. 

And then there is the stunning natural scenery which forms the perfect backdrop for adventure sports. With specialist active tourism companies by your side, you can go cycling, canyoning in the river Cabriel, bungee jumping, white water kayaking and even rafting. The banks of the river Cabriel and Las Hoces del Cabriel natural park offer boundless opportunities to enjoy nature at its wildest

Once you’ve experienced all the wonders Venta del Moro has to offer, the time has come to tend to your palate. The local vineyards make one of the finest wines in the Region of Valencia, which you can taste in special sessions when you visit the wineries. Learn how to identify the different aromas and textures of the vintages as you sip delicious glasses accompanied by tasty local sausages. 

Venta del Moro is a destination to be enjoyed through the senses. An area you will want to come back to time and time again.​​​​​​​


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