Savour the taste of tradition at Bodegas Vicente Gandía

Discover local heritage as you explore the vines that make the exceptional wines at Bodegas Vicente Gandía.


Gastronomy, quality produce, incredible weather, beautiful landscapes and so much more define the Region of Valencia. Experience it all by discovering beautiful scenery that may even leave a wonderful taste in your mouth. 

Chiva is a pretty village in the Region of Valencia that is home to a wine made with the utmost care. Bodegas Vicente Gandía is a winery with a Mediterranean spirit that dates back centuries. In the early days, the winery solely made and commercialised wines, but in 1971 it decided to go one step further, becoming the first winery in Valencia to commercialise its very own brand of wine, Castillo de Liria. The label has steadily grown in popularity and in 1990 the Gandía family invested in Finca Hoya de Cadenas, a winemaking haven situated in Cuevas de Utiel.


The winery works hard to grow the best grapes and in turn produce fine wine. The wood used for the barrels - which comes from a small woodland in Missouri that is specially dried - and the flavour imparted by these barrels make the wine truly exceptional. 

You can savour the nuances of the wine and learn just how it was made with a wine tasting, accompanied by an expert, who will talk you through the aromas, textures and flavours of the vintages. 

Located just 90km from València city, Finca Hoya de Cadenas offers a veritable world of sensations where you can discover the local and international varietals of the most noble grape. 

This haven for winemaking enjoys a specific microclimate; the changes in temperatures between the day and night give the grapes their specific characteristics. 

At Bodegas Vicente Gandía, it is all about the experience. Experiences that will leave visitors filled with amazing sensations, having explored the vines and learnt about the history of the winery at the museum. But the most important moment is the tasting, a sensory journey through the winery’s three finest wines. 

If you’re looking to savour the aroma of the Region of Valencia, immerse yourself in the world of wine at this century-old winery.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía

Chiva is a pretty village sitting just twenty minutes outside València city in Hoya de Buñol county. Defined by its gastronomy, culture and local festivals, the village is also home to the incredible landscapes of Sierra de Chiva, an area of outstanding natural beauty. 

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