Dip your spoon into a bowl of authentic gazpacho in Castalla and sample many more dishes with tradition the star ingredient. Already got a table booked?


Situated in the town of Castalla, Casa Paqui is a restaurant in which you can sample Valencian cuisine at its most traditional. You’ll find many lip-smacking dishes on the menu. Try the refreshing gazpacho and other typical plates from L’Álcoià. Your visit to this part of Spain is bound to be a foodie’s dream!

Restaurant Casa Paqui in Castalla also offers fresh market products such as delicious cuts of meat and fish prepared to perfection. Whatever your preference, there’s sure to be something for you on the menu.

But the restaurant’s speciality is undoubtedly the traditional gazpacho, cooked with crumbled unleavened bread. The soup is accompanied by rabbit meat, snails and the aromatic pebrella, a wild local herb. The gazpacho from Casa Paqui is curiously served on large slabs of bread. This soft bready creation then turns into dessert at the end of the meal with the addition of honey!

The mountain-inspired paella with rabbit and snails is another of Casa Paqui’s specialties. In Castalla and in the Region of Valencia in general, there are countless rice dishes to choose from. Order a delicious dessert to end the meal and delight in the sweet flavours as you soak up the cosy, authentic atmosphere.

After a scrumptious meal at Casa Paqui, a good idea is to wander around Castalla exploring its many attractions. The town’s fantastic castles and old walls are certainly a highlight, as is La Sang Chapel and the town hall. And we can’t forget to mention the magnificent  Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Parish Church.

Venture into the surrounding countryside and fall in love with the scenery. Make sure you visit El Xorret del Catí and bring your friends or family along for a much-deserved getaway to Castalla, topped off with a heartwarming meal at Casa Paqui.

Casa Paqui


In Castalla, the so-called Toy Valley of Alicante, you can visit the ancient castle and set off on walks along beautiful nature trails with the via ferrata a real highlight. Indulge in the slow pace of life and the pretty attractions this charming town has to offer.

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