The Region of Valencia is the kingdom of rice, and paella is undoubtedly its highest standard.

Vegetables, rabbit and chicken make up the classic recipe, but Valencian paella is much more. It is heritage, culture and tradition. It expresses a ritual and a great symbol of our cuisine that is present in homes and restaurants. 

The diversity of rice, flavours and options goes beyond. Dry and “meloso” (creamy) rice. In a paella or a stew. A wide range of possibilities where “arròs al forn”, “a banda”, “arròs negre”, “arròs amb fesols and naps”, “arròs del senyoret”, cabbage and cod rice (the typical Lenten paella) stand out. Recipes that adapt to each season, with local products and customs rooted in our culture. What are you waiting to try them? Savour years of tradition in the Region of Valencia!