Experience the thrill of motorsports at Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Thrill, speed and excitement. Circuit Ricardo Tormo is a world-class racing venue where you can watch incredible events and live unforgettable experiences behind the wheel.


As you approach Cheste, you will be greeted with the roar of racing vehicles. The town has many faces and one of these is dedicated to the high-speed world of motorsports. Circuit Ricardo Tormo is nothing short of paradise if you love motorcycle and auto racing. 

Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo is named after the legendary motorcycle racer. It is a world-class circuit with top facilities that hosts countless motorsport events, including the Region of Valencia Motorcycle Grand Prix

4,005m long and with 14 turns, the circuit promises fantastic racing. And the events calendar here is as diverse as it is thrilling, with races ranging from Formula 1 and motorcycles to trucks and Formula GT. A true spectacle for lovers of motorsports. Whatever the contest, you will see some of the biggest Spanish and international names put themselves to the test. 

Among its services, Circuit Ricardo Tormo has a number of academies catering to all ages and levels. Cuna de Campeones is designed to introduce little ones, aged 4 to 8, to the world of motorsports. As they progress, they can take more advanced classes for children aged 7 to 12. Fórmula de Campeones, on the other hand, is for young people who want to undertake one-seater training. 

There are also driving classes for adults that will teach you how to stay in control of the wheel in challenging situations, such as skids, emergency stops or rainy conditions. The professionals at the academy will show you the right way to react should you find yourself in any of these situations. 

The circuit has excellent services and experiences so you can enjoy the very best the world of motorsports has to offer. Check it out for yourself. 

Circuito Ricardo Tormo

Beyond the speed of its famous circuit, Cheste has a great deal to see and explore. As you wander through the town’s pretty streets, you will come across historic buildings flaunting artistic façades. Meanwhile the beautiful landscapes of La Hoya de Buñol are a lovely place to take a walk and be at one with nature.

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