River cruise along the Júcar with Cofrentes Turismo Activo

Explore the beauty of Júcar river and the stunning natural landscape of Cofrentes by stepping on board a wonderful river cruise.

The countryside in the Region of Valencia is the perfect place to escape the everyday. Defined by a rich landscape of rivers, canyons and mountains, here you can immerse yourself in the midst of nature and live some incredible experiences with your loved ones by your side.

A river cruise along the Júcar is a wonderful way to spend the day. Organised by Cofrentes Turismo Activo, the cruise will take you up the river from Cofrentes to Cortes de Pallás aboard a modern boat. Meaning all you have to do is sit back, relax and soak up the beauty around you. 

Messing about on the river for an hour and a half is exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. As you become immersed in the wilderness of the riverscape, you will find yourself breathing in the beauty of the longest river in the Region of Valencia and immediately feeling more calm and tranquil. 

With a maximum capacity of 60, the boat is accessible to everybody meaning you can enjoy the river cruise with your family, loved one or friends. Whoever you are with, you will without doubt find yourself falling in love with the natural beauty of Valle de Ayora county. 

Located at the meeting of the Júcar and Cabriel rivers, Cofrentes is the perfect place to enjoy active tourism. Here the countryside fuses natural, rural, fluvial, industrial and even volcanic landscapes completed with breath-taking ravines and canyons.

Cofrentes Turismo Activo therefore offers a wide range of different activities to get you out and enjoying the great outdoors. Choose from Sensations, Comemillas as a family, Natural fusion, Skill and adventure and more to discover the natural wilderness surrounding Cofrentes.

Treat yourself to a day of fun in the midst of nature at Cofrentes with Cofrentes Turismo Activo.

Cofrentes turismo activo

Located in Valle de Ayora county, Cofrentes is a municipality defined by its stunning natural landscapes. Visiting Cofrentes is synonymous with discovering the Júcar river, the Cabriel river, the most stunning mountains and the most breath-taking ravines. Combined with wonderful traditions and culture.

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