Landscapes, thermal waters and historic sites await in Cofrentes. Discover everything there is to see and do in the spectacular destination.

When we say that Cofrentes is enveloped in spectacular scenery, we mean it: beyond the rivers and sheer rock faces, there’s a volcano. Come to this small destination to discover all its landscapes, historic sites and traditional festivities. 

What to see in Cofrentes

Situated in Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora, the village is arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of the course of the river Júcar. To soak up the breathtaking scenery, you can enjoy all sorts of outdoor pursuits or take a cruise along the river

Cañones del Júcar is a must-visit during your time in Cofrentes. The great vertical rock faces with the river flowing between them is a sight to be seen. River cruises are a relaxing way to gaze at the spectacle, whereas if you fancy an activity that will get your adrenaline pumping, you could take a vertiginous hike whose vistas will blow you away. Cofrentes is nothing short of a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. 

Cofrentes volcano, or Cerro de Agras, heats the thermal waters bubbling up from Hervideros spring. The volcano peaks at some 500m above sea level and is a joy to explore. It is the only recent - in geological terms - volcano in the Region of Valencia. Other beautiful sites include Embarcaderos reservoir, Santa Ana cave and the cave art sites in Valle de Cofrentes-Ayora. 

Back in the village, Castillo de Cofrentes reminds us of just how old the village really is: remains from the Bronze Age have been found here. The castle’s original structure dates back to the Muslim period, probably the 11th century, while the Gothic modifications speak of its evolution in later years. There is a clock on the keep. La Soledad chapel (1872) and San José parish church (1621) are other points of interest alongside Casa del Hermano Pastor, which belonged to the last hermit in the Region of Valencia. 

As you wander the village’s lovely streets, you will find plenty of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy all sorts of tasty cuisine. Gazpachos (cold soup), gachas (a pork dish), embutido de orza (a local sausage), ollica (a type of stew) and torta mal hecha (a cake) are just some of the traditional dishes that we’d recommend trying. Cofrentes also has a number of festivals taking place throughout the year: Fiestas de San Antonio Abad and Sagatos night; Maderada, which sees locals make their way down the river Cabriel on wooden rafts; Los Cantos de Mayos; and the cheerful festivities in August. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience everything the destination has to offer.

How to get here:

La carretera V-35, que conecta Valencia con Ademuz, dispone de un enlace, la V-390, por el que se accede al municipio.

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