Consuelo Zacarés Torrejón: ecotourism and natural cosmetics in Chelva

Come and see Chelva’s more natural side through dynamic workshops and enlightening activities. Choose which you like best and sign up for a plan with a difference!


Based in Chelva, Consuelo Zacarés Torrejón is a true expert in natural cosmetics who can help you connect with the Valencian countryside in a creative way. Learn about the properties of the plants in Los Serranos and how to create natural products.

You could opt for a natural dying and botanical printing workshop and find out how to create unique fabrics and paper with fresh leaves and flowers. Or go for the natural cosmetic workshop and learn how to make plant-based balms, creams and soap. Have a look at the Environmental Room too, as it’s pretty impressive! 

Taking place outside, Consuelo Zacarés Torrejón’s workshops will teach you all about the flowers that grow in Chelva. Sign the family up too for a bit of rural tourism and share the experience with them. Go on a tour along El Agua Route in Chelva and see nature’s secrets unfold before you as you soak up the scenic beauty.

And how about a ‘baño de bosque’, a deep dive into the forest? This activity consists of walking through the forest in silence, with El Agua Route the setting once again. It’s a great way to leave the stress of daily life behind you. What’s more, if you sign up for this activity, Consuelo Zacarés Torrejón will be able to provide you with accommodation.

There are also immersive tours on offer which focus on the different plant species found along El Agua Route, both aromatic and edible. You may get some inspiration for a recipe or two!

Lastly, Consuelo Zacarés Torrejón offers face-to-face, hybrid and virtual workshops, so you can discover natural cosmetic formulas the way that works for you. Dive into the world of wellness and uncover Chelva’s fantastic flora in a relaxed and informative way. Find out what’s on offer and start learning!

Consuelo Zacares Torrejón

Nestled in the Valencian mountains, Chelva is a charming town waiting to be discovered.. Explore its natural scenery and the spectacular El Agua Route on a walk which boasts beauty around every corner.

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