Explore the Region of Valencia through its olive groves and vineyards, and discover the nuanced flavours and subtle aromas of the produce that defines the area.


The Region of Valencia is a foodie paradise that is bursting with flavours, aromas and textures. From north to south and from east to west, the region’s local gastronomy is just waiting to be explored. A must-visit on your journey is Viver, a small inland village in the province of Castellón, where mother nature is queen. Here the fertile land and the great weather come together to create the ideal conditions for growing grapes and olives destined to become delicious wines and oils. 

Cooperativa de Viver is a cooperative that produces the finest produce of the Mediterranean, namely wine, olive oil, nuts and fruits. You can come and visit its land to live a number of different experiences that will immerse you in the worlds of extra virgin olive oil and wine. 

Originally specialising in olive oil, Cooperativa de Viver is the perfect place to discover the secrets of what is commonly dubbed “liquid gold” in Spain. During the olive season, you can join tours that will get you involved in the production of the oil, giving you the privilege to be among the first people to try the latest produce alongside a selection of other local delicacies. 

Alternatively, you can take a walk through the olive groves to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Lágrima olive oil, one of the three extra virgin olive oils that Cooperativa de Viver produces using the autochthonous olive variety: Serrana del Palancia. 

Cooperativa de Viver also offers a number of wine experiences that will envelop you in the vines and the nuanced aromas of the different vintages it produces. The first, entitled “The skin of the grapevine” will take you on a walk through the vines followed by a wine tasting session accompanied by the finest charcuterie and cheese from Alto Palancia. During the harvest, the cooperative offers a special experience in which you will learn how the wines are made, stomp on the grapes and then make a must that you will take home with you. Completed, of course, with a delicious tasting session.  

Throughout the year, Viver also hosts two incredible food festivals. Winefest Luna de Agosto and Fiesta del Aceite Nuevo celebrate wine and olive oil respectively, seeking to showcase and value this local produce. The Region of Valencia is a destination that really does awaken all your senses. Why not come along to treat your palate to the very best?

La Cooperativa de Viver

Viver is an enchanting village located in Alto Palancia county in inland province of Castellón. The municipality is swept up in a swathe of stunning landscapes, such as mount Ragudo, Torre Ragudo hill and Monleón wood. There are also a number of natural springs here which bubble with the freshest and clearest water. An incredible place to spend quality time with your friends, family or loved one.

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