Cruises along the river Júcar

Embark on an exploration of an extraordinary gorge and river with Su Aventura. The views will blow you away.


Float up the course of the river Júcar in Cofrentes with an unforgettable cruise organised by Su Aventura. As you slowly make your way along the water, you will find yourself lost for words as you gaze at a landscape defined by immense rockfaces and verdant greenery. 

Thanks to wheelchair access, Su Aventura’s river cruises along the Júcar are accessible to everyone. Once onboard, you can take your seat and enjoy the air conditioning that will keep you at a pleasant temperature as you gaze at the views. There is also a café and toilets

Promising comfort and safety, Su Aventura’s cruises along the river Júcar are an incredible experience for all the family. And the adventure starts at the jetty, where you can leave your car in the free car park and have a drink in the café. There are also picnic tables where you can enjoy a bite to eat al fresco and changing rooms and showers at your disposal. 

If the river cruise leaves you wanting to spend more time in the great outdoors then Su Aventura has got the experience for you. You could try your hand at water sports such as paddle boarding or climb aboard a train where you can enjoy incredible views. The adventure company will also point you in the direction of great hiking routes, which you can explore with a guide if you fancy. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore an area that has been shaped by the course of the river Júcar. 

Su Aventura

Cofrentes is swept up in a spectacular landscape defined by thermal waters and the courses of the river Júcar and Cabriel. An unbeatable destination for a getaway spent exploring the local scenery and enjoying different outdoor activities.

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