Embark on an exploration of the wines produced in Sierra de Espadán at El Celler de la Ibola. A world of notes, nuances and flavours awaits.


Located in Aín in the province of Castellón, El Celler de la Ibola is a wonderful place to indulge in a spot of wine tourism. The winery is nestled in the breathtaking scenery of Sierra de Espadán natural park, a beautiful backdrop for a day spent exploring the vines and the winery with your friends, family or loved one. 

El Celler de la Ibola is on a mission to create a quality product, take care of the environment, raise awareness about native grape varieties and uphold traditions. Beyond wine, they make other delicious products such as jams, oils, honey and preserves. There’s no better place to sample the flavours of the Region of Valencia and to feel good about doing so: the winery is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Beyond browsing the online shop, El Celler de la Ibola runs two wine and gastronomic experiences at its winery. The perfect excuse to run away to the country and spend some time in spectacular scenery.

The first experience invites you to visit the winery accompanied by an expert who will tell you everything you need to know about how the wine is made, followed by a tasting session in which you will try three of its GR 36 wines and nibble on some products made in Sierra de Espadán. The second experience focuses more on food as the visit and tasting session is complemented with a tasting menu of dishes that capture the flavour of the local land. 

El Celler de la Ibola is a place that will set your senses on fire. A place where you will learn how to taste and savour wine in spectacular scenery. So start planning your getaway to the winery today, making the most of the opportunity to explore Aín and its beautiful mountain and forest landscapes. 

El Celler de la Ibola

Nestled in the heart of Sierra de Espadán natural park, Aín is a peaceful country village swept up in landscapes that beckon you to come and explore. Your time here will be marked by age-old traditions, local gastronomy and tasty produce. Start planning your getaway today.

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