The Rural House Fontanelles knows that you need to put aside daily life and stop to breathe the tranquillity of nature. Relax and unwind while you practice the activities that you love. Biar offers you the ideal accommodation!

The Sierra de Biar is a perfect place to connect in nature with what really matters: your tranquillity. Do you want to feel this sensation? The Rural House Fontanelles welcomes you to stop and breathe. Move to a natural paradise and disconnect how you wish, with the bonus of a dream accommodation.

The style of Fontanelles will captivate you. All its rooms have the charm of a rural house with the elegance and comfort of a renovated place. Its five bedrooms, three bathrooms and the kitchen, have all the necessities. Two rooms, one with a dining room, complete the first floor. You will feel a unique charm inside.

At the bottom, Fontanelles has a kitchen with fireplace and wood oven, decorated with hand-painted tiles. Besides, what was once a winery has been converted into another cosy dining room and lounge with fireplace, for quiet evenings. Finally, the stables have been converted into a kitchen and a small winery, where you will find a collection of drinks from all over and a series of utensils that once were used for the countryside.

In addition to the countless possibilities of leisure that the mountain provides, a large garden, swimming pool and even a minigolf surround the rural house, which offers views of the Alto Vinalopó valley and its villages.

Casa Rural Fontanelles

The town of Biar (Alicante) adapts to the natural setting of the Sierra de Mariola . To this wealth, we must add its great monumental heritage, one of the most important in the Region of Valencia . The Asunción square and its front, the Castle of Biar or the bell tower of the Chapel of the Comunión are just some of the places that give it this title. Give it a try!

Casa Rural Fontanelles en Biar Alicante Casa Rural Fontanelles en Biar Alicante Casa Rural Fontanelles en Biar Alicante Casa Rural Fontanelles en Biar Alicante Casa Rural Fontanelles en Biar Alicante