Throw yourself into the world of craft gin at this Valencian distillery that uses traditional methods, local botanics and an eco-friendly approach to create a fine spirit.


Based in Beniflà, La Clandestilería is a distillery dedicated to the research and production of craft gin. The distillers use a selection of botanics and aromatics from the local area to flavour the gin. While you’re in this part of the province of Valencia, you can roam the Sierras de la Safor y de l’Almirall mountainscapes, visit the wonderful seaside town of Gandia and then head to this traditional distillery where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of gin. 

La Clandestilería offers a number of interactive experiences that will introduce you to the distillery’s ethos and philosophy. There is a strong focus on the tradition of gin making - they use a classic copper still, for instance - while seeking to find harmony with the environment. 

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the distillery incorporates aromatics and botanics from the Beniflà landscape into their excellent gin. Other sources of inspiration are the Mediterranean and local legends, creating a truly unique gin that has a great story to tell. 

During your time at La Clandestilería, you will be given the opportunity to taste the excellent gin. With intense citrus notes, the spirit comprises up to thirteen different botanics that come together to create a gin that will bring your palate alive. But beyond this, you will learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the production process, discovering each and every step, and - most importantly - how to serve it and bring out the nuances of its flavours. La Clandestilería even offers you the opportunity to learn how to distil for yourself. 

So how about it? Come to La Clandestilería to enrich your understanding about La Safor, discover a fine Valencian gin and - of course - have a whole lot of fun. 

La Clandestinería

Situated close to the river Serpis, Beniflà is a small village in La Safor where you can enjoy a slower and more tranquil pace of life surrounded by orange groves and agricultural land. The destination is just a stone’s throw from Gandia, making it the perfect place for a getaway to both the countryside and the coast.

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