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Wherever you look, Gandia will reveal glimpses of its history, culture and traditions. This is a seaside destination that will blow you away.

Gandia is embraced by a line of mountains on the inland and the sparkling seas of the Mediterranean on the coast. This is a destination that will immerse you in the glorious legacy that time has left behind. A place where history is very much alive, where the culture and gastronomy will delight you, and where the beaches are sandy idylls where you can unwind with the sea breeze caressing your skin. A place that is well worth a visit. 

What to do in Gandia

The great monuments and architectural treasures populating Gandia will immediately transport you back in time. Historically a walled town, this age-old defence system has gradually been destroyed over the years. That said, there are still remnants of the town wall that you can visit, including sections that were used in the construction of new buildings. Take a wander around to soak it all up. 

Before long, you will come across one of the great treasures of the town: Palau Ducal dels Borja. This icon of Valencian heritage is located in the heart of the historic centre. As soon as you step inside, you will be in the 15th century, immersed in the world of the Crown of Aragon and its spectacular architecture. The palace was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1964.  

Another architecturally impressive building is Gandia town hall. The two elements that stand out are the Neoclassical façade and its ornamentation, defined by four busts that represent the virtues that all politicians should uphold. 

The next stop-off on your exploration of Gandia’s sights is Colegiata de Santa María, a Gothic collegiate church that is also known as Seu de Gandia. You will be taken aback by the monumentality of this place of worship, both inside and out. It even houses incredible artwork from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. 

And that’s not all. Gandia is home to many sights that are well worth a visit. Alquería del Duc, for example, an old farmhouse surrounded by lakes. And then of course there is Castillo de Bairén, a fortress, now in ruins, that archaeological digs have shown was once inhabited thousands of years ago. 

If you really want to delve into the history of La Safor county, you can’t leave Gandia without visiting Museo MaGa. This archaeological museum houses an incredible collection focusing on the prehistoric period in this area of the Region of Valencia. You will discover the lives of the hunters of the Paleolithic period and the farmers of the Neolithic age. An exploration that will blow your mind.

After soaking up all the local history and culture, it’s time to head to the quintessentially Mediterranean beach. The beaches in Gandia extend for over 5km where the fine sand and seafront promenade invite you to take a stroll, stopping off at the bars and restaurants along the way. 

Whatever type of beach you enjoy you will find it here. From wild beaches with spectacular seascapes, such as Ahuir beach, to stretches of the coastline that lend themselves to water sports, such as Mareny de Rafalcaid, you will enjoy a great day out on the coast. 

And last but by no means least, there is the gastronomy. Gandia’s most famous dish is fideuá, a pasta and seafood dish that was created somewhat by accident is a taste sensation. So what are you waiting for? Come and spend time in Gandia and awaken all your senses.

How to get here:

The A-7 motorway (exits 60 and 61) connects with the European motorway network, the N-332 connects Gandia with the rest of the towns along the coast, whilst the C-320 connects Gandia with Albaida in the direction of Madrid.


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The past is palpable in Gandia. And nowhere is this more true than at Palau Ducal, a palace where artistry and history majestically combine.
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