The flavour of the fertile lands of the Mediterranean are distilled in the olive oils produced in the Region of Valencia. Come and explore an authentic oil mill in Canet lo Roig to delve into this world.


The olive oils produced by Lo Canetà in Canet lo Roig capture the essence of the Region of Valencia. Recognised by a number of prestigious awards, the producer expertly transforms olives into a taste sensation that envelops all the senses. 

Beyond producing exquisite oils, Lo Canetà offers experiences that will take you on an exploration of olive groves that extend as far as the eye can see. Populating this landscape are trees that are over a thousand years old. You can visit the groves at different times of the day and year. If you’re somewhat of an early bird, you can see the sunrise over the scenery or, alternatively, if you’re more of an evening person, choose the sunset experience. If you’d like to do something more hands-on, you can help out with the olive harvest. 

Lo Canetà is committed to producing organic olive oils that showcase the work, traditions and expertise that go into making every single bottle. Olive oil production is inextricably linked to this part of the Region of Valencia. Here dryland farming creates a beautiful landscape that will win your heart, particularly when illuminated only by the twinkling stars in the night sky. 

As you would expect, gastronomy is a prime focus for Lo Canetà in Canet lo Roig. The oil producers put on almuerzos or brunches that are bursting with exquisite flavours. Just imagine savouring these quality products as you gaze at views over the groves. 

Lo Canetà’s quality olive oils are made with Farga, Regués, Canetera and other varieties of olives. During your time at the mill, you can also taste other typical local products, including wine, honey and nuts that will 

Lo Canetà’s quality olive oils are made with Farga, Regués, Canetera and other varieties of olives. Beyond oils, you can also try other local products - such as wine, honey and nuts - that encapsulate the flavours of Baix Maestrat. So what are you waiting for? Awaken your senses with an olive oil tourism experience in Canet lo Roig. 

Lo Caneta

Canet lo Roig in Baix Maestrat is home to millennial olive trees whose gnarly trunks will transport you centuries back in time. As you explore the village, you will be accompanied by the sound of running water thanks to the many fountains dotting the streets. Make sure you visit the old jail, Sénia de Marimón and Palau dels Capellan.

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