Looking for something exciting to do in Santa Pola this summer? Pola Park promises hours of laughter and excitement with its attractions for all the family.

At Santa Pola, holidays are synonymous with a whole lot of fun. And nowhere is this more true than at Pola Park, an amusement park where you can enjoy a day of thrills with all the family. 

Opened in 1996, Pola Park promises bucketfuls of entertainment for everyone - whatever your age. There are no fewer than twenty attractions for you to enjoy, from bouncy castles and soft play areas to bumper cars and even bumper boats on the lake. 

You will make unforgettable memories with your loved ones here. With attractions suitable for children aged two and above, this is the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Just check the age recommendation of the ride and get ready to have a great time. 

Pola Park has got attractions that will get even the most daredevil shrieking with excitement. Strap yourself into Extreme, a pendulum ride that will swing you from side to side, increasingly picking up speed. And that’s just to get you started. There is also a hair-raising rollercoaster that will rush you up, down and around. Our tip? Look out for views over Salinas de Santa Pola when you’re at the very top. The vistas are absolutely stunning. 

And then there are the bumper cars, race karts, pirate boats, house of fun and much more. Pola Park will keep you busy from morning till night. You will also find all the services you’ll need at the park, including cafés and bars to keep you well fed and watered. 

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Santa Pola now and get ready to enjoy a fantastic day out at Pola Park.

Pola Park

Santa Pola couldn’t be more Mediterranean if it tried. With paradise beaches, a fishing district and an historic centre that will whisk you back in time, this is a destination that breathes the sea. Come along for a visit and find yourself coming back time and again. 

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