Looking for an outdoor adventure all the family will love? Climb up onto a quad bike and take a guided tour through spectacular landscapes.


Based in Oropesa del Mar, Quad Universe is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to go off-road. Quad Universe’s vehicles can be driven by all the family so together you can explore the routes and trails in and around Oropesa del Mar and other destinations in the province of Castellón such as Benicasim. 

Quad Universe’s quads are of the latest generation. They are easy to drive, even if you have never driven off-road before, and promise a whole lot of fun. You will make your way through natural scenery that evolves with the seasons, giving you the excuse you’re looking for to come back time and again. 

Quad Universe is perfect for a weekend activity, special day out during your holidays or a team building adventure with your work mates. It’s also a great way to spend time with your stags or hens before you tie the knot. 

The experiences take the form of guided tours through the natural world. If you’re new to quad biking, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that an expert will be by your side at all times. So climb on, grab the handlebars and drive through the most spectacular natural scenery. 

You choose how long you want the experience to last. One hour, two hour or even longer excursions are available, taking you through woodland and impressing you with beautiful views. The quads seat two, so if you know someone who doesn’t want to drive, but still wants the thrill, they can take part too. You will be in small groups with no more than five quads. 

Quad Universe is committed to being carbon neutral. So what are you waiting for? Sign yourself up for this quad biking experience in the province of Castellón and see just how much fun it is. Once you’ve tried it once, you’re sure to be back again. 

Quad Universe

Oropesa del Mar barely needs an introduction. This popular seaside holiday destination has got plenty of things to see and do. From beautiful beaches and a historic castle to the old town and pretty gardens, plenty of adventures await in this part of Castellón. 

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